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China Telecom objects to US blacklisting

by Checkup Suppliers 29/03/2022

China Telecom said on Monday the US Federal Communications Commission's decision to add China Telecom (Americas) Corp to a blacklist lacked justification and harmed the legitimate rights and interests of CTA.

The comments came after the FCC on Friday added China Telecom (Americas) Corp, China Mobile International USA and Russia's AO Kaspersky Lab to its list of communications equipment and service providers as alleged threats to US national security.

China Telecom said in a statement to China Daily "China Telecom has strictly complied with the laws and regulations of China and related countries and regions including the United States, and has always been operating in accordance with applicable laws and regulations."

China Telecom said it will keep in touch with China Telecom Americas, pay attention to relevant developments, communicate the impact on its related businesses and seek appropriate solutions.

Source:China Daily/ Ma Si

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