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typhoon resistant offshore wind turbine

China rolls out independently built typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbine

by Checkup Suppliers 24/02/2022

A 13-megawatt typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbine independently developed by Dongfang Electric Corporation rolled off the production line in East China's Fujian province on Tuesday.

The wind turbine has the largest single-unit capacity and the largest impeller diameter in Asia among all the current completed ones. It is also the first wind turbine of 10 megawatts or above that has completed production in China. And its localization rate has reached 90 percent.

The turbine adopts a customized anti-typhoon strategy, which can withstand a super typhoon barreling at 77 meters per second, and it is suitable for 98 percent of China's sea areas.

The blades matched with the unit use the carbon fiber pultrusion process for the first time. Through overcoming difficulties in the development of 100-meter-level ultra-long flexible blades, the length of a single blade is up to 103 meters, setting a new record for the longest wind power blade in China.

Its generator capacity covers a wide range, and the wind energy utilization rate is high, while its maintenance cost remains low.

Source:  China Daily/ Tan Xinyu

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