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HP riding PC gaming boom in China

by Checkup Suppliers 18/02/2022

United States tech company HP is stepping up its push to target gaming users with new personal computer products in China, as the nation's PC gaming community continues strong momentum.

HP has unveiled a series of new gaming PC products to meet growing demand for professional gaming hardware among Chinese consumers.

Fan Zijun, vice-president of China HP, said in recent years, the gaming industry has become increasingly popular, with enthusiasm among players hitting new highs. Gaming has not only become a way of life, but also enjoys emotional resonance with many players.

China had more than 328.7 million PC gamers at the end of last year, according to market research company Niko Partners. As the player base continues to grow, demand for games also becomes more diverse. How to meet the increasingly segmented and personalized gaming needs of players has become the top priority for major hardware manufacturers to consider, Niko Partners said.

What is particularly noteworthy is that more and more players have put forward higher requirements for immersive gaming experiences. Therefore, professional and powerful hardware equipment has become an indispensable part of enjoying an excellent gaming experience, Niko Partners added.

To meet such a trend, HP, which has been devoted to China's PC gaming market for eight years, said it has put forth major resources to offer products such as the HP Omen series of gaming PCs.

Source:  China Daily / Ma Si

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