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New air freight route

New air freight route links China, Germany

by Checkup Suppliers 13/04/2022

SHENZHEN -- A new air freight route has been launched linking the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen with Leipzig, Germany, the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport said Tuesday.

The route is operated by the cargo airline AeroLogic, with six round trips made by Boeing 777 all-cargo aircraft each week.

Shenzhen is an R&D and manufacturing center in such sectors as electronic products, high-tech equipment, auto parts, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The opening of this new air cargo route can better meet the strong aviation logistics market demand in Shenzhen and its surrounding areas, and further promote the economic and trade exchanges between south China and Europe, the airport said.

Since the start of this year, Shenzhen airport has kept smoothing logistics channels and coordinating airlines to expand routes and increase capacity so as to ensure the stability of the supply and industry chain amid COVID-19.

The airport has to date opened international air-freight lines reaching 35 destinations.

Source:China Daily​

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